GICHD trial implemented by HCR-CTRO

The GICHD with support from the HCR-CTRO conducted a trial of the MineKafon airborne demining system in Croatia. The trial has been organized and executed by the technical experts from the MineKafon, the GICHD and the HCR-CTRO at the test site in Benkovac and at a Confirmed Hazardous Area (CHA) in Licki Ribnik. The trial comprised the testing and evaluation of the GPR Radar and Magnetometer attached separately with the drone.

Data collection was conducted from 27th to 29th June 2022 at the Benkovac test site, where both the public and the confidential parts of the test site were scanned, and on 30th June in Licki Ribnik where some parts of the selected CHA was scanned.

In addition to providing support for the actual trial, the HCR-CTRO experts will process the results obtained by the GPR and Magnetometer, make a statistical analysis and evaluation of the results and develop a scientific report.

This trial is a continuation of the excellent cooperation between the GICHD and HCR-CTRO.

GICHD trial implemented by HCR-CTRO