Quality policy

The overall business success and professional affirmation of HCR-CTRO directly depends on the trust of our clients in the quality of our services. Business success is based on building a sense of usefulness and necessity on a long-term basis. Its achievement results from the way and quality of work that starts from expertise, acceptability of work methods and methodologies, and the use of modern technologies. Collaborative business relations and the manner of business communication during the preparation, as well as constant care for the client during and after the completion of obligations, is a determinant of the behaviour of all workers and associates of HCR-CTRO.

Quality in HCR-CTRO means fulfilling the wishes of clients and all interested parties that have been determined in writing, verbally agreed upon or identified through the processing of marketing data. In addition to fulfilling the wishes, needs and requirements of clients, quality is also determined by the satisfaction of employees and associates, partners, owners and the community. The minimum quality level is the fulfilment of the HRN EN ISO/IEC 17065:2013 standard.

Quality of the HCR-CTRO activities is created at workplaces of employees and external collaborators while performing tasks for the company. Quality assurance therefore monitors our services at all stages of development, preparation and service up to the final user analysis, follow-up consultations, and constant care for our service users. Quality is confirmed if the same clients return. Each of our employees, external collaborators and subcontractors is responsible for the quality of the Centre.

HCR-CTRO shows high responsibility in the process of equipment testing and certification. Equipment/product testing and certification procedures at HCR-CTRO are carried out in an impartial manner, are available to all clients and are carried out completely independently. HCR-CTRO provides certification services according to legal provisions in the Republic of Croatia and guarantees the confidentiality of data through its staff and services. HCR-CTRO guarantees non-discriminatory conditions and its services are available to all clients regardless of size, financial or other power, and membership in an association or group.

The quality of our services is guaranteed by the quality system described in the Quality Manual and further related documentation. Quality assurance stems from a strictly defined management system, process-oriented, within which functional and process responsibilities are defined and based on documented procedures. Quality therefore results from a professional approach to work, teamwork and process monitoring in relation to global development trends.

Constant education and training of management, employees and external collaborators guarantees that our quality goals are achieved and rationally realized. Maximum engagement in teamwork on projects, respect for all participants in the work, with maximum freedom of inventiveness in solving professional problems within the set goals is expected from employees. The task of HCR-CTRO is to simultaneously provide employees with material resources for work and progress in the profession, education in professional areas and solving sensitive problems of each individual in accordance with the possibilities of HCR-CTRO, with the aim of mutual satisfaction of management and workers.

All employees and external collaborators are obliged to cooperate in improving the quality of our services with quality implementation of the appropriate procedures specified in the Quality Manual and related documentation, and to respect the same as a mandatory official instruction.

In Zagreb, 31.12.2018.

Director: Katarina Markt