„Mine contamination, unfortunately, still poses a huge threat to human lives worldwide. 60 countries are still mine contaminated with mines, 29 countries with cluster munitions and each year more than 5800 people fall victims to mines. Therefore, there is an urgent need for organized, systematic and primarily experienced institutional framework supported by the countries facing mine contamination.

The know-how of the Republic of Croatia in the field of mine action is globally acknowledged, which is supported by the fact that HCR-CTRO is an internationally recognized brand name.

The services that we provide, primarily in relation to certification of machines, dogs and humanitarian demining equipment, directly impact the safety of deminers. Increased safety reduces the number of professional casualties, while annual recertification ensures that the equipment works flawlessly, which contributes to faster, more cost-effective and safer demining.

Due to the established mine action system, knowledge and skills and specific test sites, HCR-CTRO may respond to any mine action challenge and offer the highest quality operational testing, but also participate in the most challenging projects of research and development of new mine detection technologies.”

Katarina Markt, Managing Director