Cerovac Test Site


The test site is used for testing of demining machines, mine detection dogs, metal detectors, PPE and new technologies.

For performance tests of demining machines three lanes with different soil types have been set up as set out in the CWA 15044 top soil, sand and gravel for controlled testing of demining machines. Survivability tests are performed with live mines.

For testing and certification of mine detection dogs and handlers, 66 testing boxes have been set up according to IMAS 09.42: Operational testing of Mine Detection Dogs and Handlers



Indoor / outdoor: Outdoor
Test area (m2): 55 ha
Explosive allowed: Yes
Office space size (m2): 75 x 2
Heating / Cooling: upon request
Internet access: upon request


Working hours: Without restriction
Remarks: Advance scheduling desirable, at least 30 days in advance
Entrance requirements: Entry allowed only with HCR-CTRO personnel.
Remarks: Persons planning to enter the test site should register beforehand


Mechanical workshop: No
Services supplied: Electricity: generator
Fuel: – Upon request
Water: – Upon request

Hotel: 15 km (Karlovac)
Railway station: 15 km (Karlovac)
Airport: 65 km (Zagreb)


Demining machines testing

The test site for testing of demining machines was created by HCR-CTRO d.o.o. on the part of an existing military range in 2004 for the purpose of testing demining machines in repeatable and controlled conditions, in accordance with CWA 15044:2004. It consists of the part for performance tests and another part for survivability tests and vegetation cutting tests.

Test lanes/areas
At the part of the test site intended for performance tests, there are three different test lanes containing top soil, gravel and sand. The lanes are 50 m long an 4,5 m wide.

TSurvivability tests are performed on a separate area covering 13,330 m2.

Survivability tests are performed with live AP and AT mines. The number and type of mines depend on the type of machine being tested (light, medium or heavy). 

The following types and numbers of AP mines are used:
– PMA-1A-5
– PMA-2-5
– PMA-3-5
– PMR-2A-2
– PROM-1-2
– TOTAL-19

The following types and quantity of AT mines are used with heavy and medium machines:
– TMM-1- Heavy-1 mine – Medium – 1 mine
– TMA-3- Heavy-1 mine – Medium – (1) mine
– TMA-4- Heavy-1 mine
– TMRP-6- Heavy-2 mines – Medium – 2 mines
– TOTAL- Heavy-5 mines – Medium – 3 (4) mines

Supporting equipment
– soil compactness measuring device
– temperature and humidity measuring device

Testing of Mine Detection dogs and handlers

66 testing boxes according to IMAS 09.42: Operational testing of Mine Detection Dogs and Handlers

6 kernels for acclimatization

Other trials

– non-linear junction detectors, control wire line detectors
– biological methods

The test site is fenced off.


Annual conformity assessment of all demining machines, demining excavators and supporting vehicles employed in Croatia is performed here, as well as testing of machines prior to their first use.

Testing and certification of mine detection dogs and handlers is also performed at the test site

Past trials

The following new machines have been tested:
MV-4, MV-10, MV-20, RM 03, DALMATINO, VF-100, VF-001, MineWolf, Mine MineWolf, Samson 300, Hydrema M-FV 2500/580, Hydrema M-FV-1200, Zeus, bager MT-01, PT-300 D-MINE, BOŽENA-5, MINOLOVAC MASTER OR-07 , DIGGER D3, ARMTRAC 75t-230, CASPER SMT-01, BIG LINE 450, RUM-CAT, MAMMUT, TORNADO GX-500, PT-400, RHINO-2, LAUS excavator, APT-796, CX-01, ARMTRAC 20t, APT 9670, BOŽENA-4+, GCS-100, SDZ
– EU FP7 TIRAMISU project
– 2016 – STT GROUP OF COMPANIES (UTTA Protection Group JSC and the Engineering Commercial Multiprofile Center – 1 Ltd.) – testing of detectors NR-900EK3M EAGLE, NR 2000 and NR12C
– 2016 – ROFI face mask

Ongoing projects

– NATO SPS project Biological method (bees) for Explosive Detection