Mine Action Symposium 2024

Mine Action Symposium 2024

20th International Symposium Mine Action 2024 Successfully Held

More than 220 participants from 35 countries and 13 exhibitors gathered from April 9 to 11 in Cavtat to attend the 20th international symposium "Mine Action 2024".

The symposium was held in cooperation with the Directorate of Civil Protection, under the patronage of the Croatian Parliament and with Swiss Confederation as a partner country.

The Managing Director of HCR-CTRO, Katarina Markt, in her opening speech, among other things specifically referred to the achievements and results that arose as a result of the exchange of experience and knowledge, as well as practical achievements during these 20 international symposia.

She also thanked the numerous delegations of Ukraine and the Swiss Confederation, a country recognized as one of the largest donors in mine action in the world, which is this year's partner country.

The Director Generale of the Directorate of Civil Protection Mr. Damir Trut was present at the opening of the symposium as an envoy of the President of the Croatian Government of the Republic of Croatia, who emphasized the importance of such events in exchanging experiences and finding solutions for the technical and management challenges faced in the field of mine action.

Along with the Managing Director and Director Generale, the opening speeches were addressed by the Ambassador of the Embassy of the Swiss Confederation in the Republic of Croatia H.E. Urs Hammer, State Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, Frano Matušić, and the envoy of the President of the Croatian Parliament and the Mayor of the Town Dubrovnik, Mato Franković, who also declared the symposium open.

The symposium was also attended by the ambassadors of the embassies of Switzerland, Canada and Ukraine, the envoy of the Vice-President of the Government of the Republic of Croatia and the Minister of Defense Ante Damić, the representative of the Prefect of the Dubrovnik-Neretva County Mato Tomljanović, the president of the Association "Croatia Helps" Đurđa Adlešič and numerous representatives of national mine action centers, demining companies, manufacturers of mine action equipment, donors, scientists and representatives of civil and military structures involved in mine action.

Special emphasis at this year's symposium was placed on how to finance mine action in Ukraine, women in mine action, but also on the significant role that mine detection dogs play in humanitarian demining, which aroused the interest of the first day of the symposium.

On the second day of the international gathering of leading experts in the field of mine action, the primary focus shifted towards new technologies and their application in mine action. A total of 13 lecturers delivered presentations on this subject.

Through the 20th mine action symposium, the deliberate selection of topics and moderators, coupled with presentations by esteemed manufacturers of demining equipment, aimed to bridge the gap between the practical field and the realms of science and industry. The overarching objective was to enhance and advance the mine action system.

Simultaneously, the symposium has long served as a pivotal platform for the enhancement of mine action worldwide, fostering endeavours to create a safer environment for all global citizens.