HCR-CTRO d.o.o. has organized and implemented training courses for the following countries and organizations:

EOD training courses:

  1. EOD Level 1-3+
  2. Croatia:
    i. Croatian Mine Action Centre
    ii. Ministry of Defense
    iii. Ministry of Interior
  3. Macedonia:
    i. Protection and Rescue Directorate
  4. Bosnia and Herzegovina:
    i. Mine Action Centre
    ii. Civilian Protection
    iii. Norwegian People’s Aid
  5. Serbia:
    i. Ministry of Interior
    ii. Norwegian People’s Aid
    iii. Mine Action Centre
  6. Monte Negro:
    i. Ministry of Interior
    ii. Regional Center for Underwater Demining
  7. EOD Level 1, 2, 3 and 3+ for National Committee for Demining of Jordan (NCDR),
  8. EOD Level 2 for Ministry of Ecology, Department of Mine Action, Iraq,
  9. EOD Level 3 and 3+ for the Ministry of Defense of Chile

Specific training courses according to recipient’s requirements:

  1. The following training courses for Iraqi Ministries of Ecology, Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Interior:
  2. Establishment of a mine action system,
    b. Manual demining,
    c. Management of mechanical demining
    d. Marking of Mine and ERW Hazards
    e. Non-technical Survey
  3. Training for Site Managers, Team Leaders and Internal Quality Control Officers – 3 training courses for Russian Company ITC For Special Works.
  4. Training course on Management in Demining for Russian company Emercom Demining
  5. Exchange program visit from Central Asia together with the OSCE Office in Tajikistan: -Ministry of Defense – Turkmenistan, Kyrgyz Republic, Kazahstan, Tajikistan; Mine Action Center from Afghanistan, Governmental Sector for Demining in Afghanistan.
  6. Quality Assurance and Quality Control Training Course for Colombian Ministry of Defense and National Centre for IED and mines
  7. MRE train the trainer course for Syrian refugees located in the refugee camp Mafray in Jordan – 4 groups of 20 trainees.