Technical data:

  • Length -7750 mm
  • Width -3000 mm
  • Height -2700mm
  • Weight -9,80 tons
  • Working tool -flail
  • Engine power -300 HP
  • Control -remote controls
  • Transmission- 4 wheels

Polygon testing data (year 2004):

Average depth(cm):17,33
Time(minutes, seconds):7:40
Speed of machine movement(km/h):0,392
Possible capacity(m2/h): 1038,80

Average depth(cm):19,33
Time(minutes, seconds):6.5
Speed of machine movement(km/h):0,481
Possible capacity(m2/h):1274,60

Average depth(cm):19,33
Time(minutes, seconds):5.55
Speed of machine movement(km/h):0,605
Possible capacity(m2/h): 1343,40

The machine successfully removes AP and AT mines.