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02 Dec
Dear Mine Action colleagues, we are pleased to inform you that the 14th International Symposium "Mine Action 2017" will take place in Biograd, from 25 till 27 April 2017.
This annual event, organized by the Government Office for Mine Action, Croatian Mine Action Centre (CROMAC) and CROMAC – Centre for Testing, Development and Training Ltd. (CROMAC-CTDT) will provide an overview of the latest scientific and practical achievements, identify challenges and offer sustainable solutions in the field of mine action.
16 Nov

From 7th to 15th November, HCR-CTRO conducted an EOD Level 2 training course. The course was attended by employees of CROMAC, of the Ministry of Interior from Monte Negro, of DOK-ING Demining and by individuals. All the trainees passed the exam held after the completed training.

From 5th to 9th December, and EOD Level 3 course will be conducted. Registration for the course is open to holders of EOD Level 2 diplomas. At the international market, there is a need for experts qualified for EOD Level 3, and experience has shown that the training courses conducted by HCR-CTRO are internationally recognized.

11 Nov

From 7th to 15th November, HCR-CTRO is conducting an EOD Level 2 training course. The course is attended by 16 trainees from the Ministry of Interior from Montenegro, demining companies from Croatia and from CROMAC.

An EOD Level 3 training course is planned to start in December and holders of EOD Level 2 diplomas are welcome to register for this course.

27 Sep

From 21st to 23rd September, physicists from the Organic Semiconductor Centre at the University of St. Andrews, Scotland, conducted a field-trial of explosive-vapour sensors at Benkovac test site, in co-operation with their colleagues from the University of Zadar. The sensors use light-emitting polymers, which are exposed to the air from the honeybee colonies that have been foraging pollen in mine-contaminated areas. These activities started under the Tiramisu FP7 project, where HCR-CTRO was a leading partner for validation and verification activities.

22 Sep

From 18th to 20th September, at Benkovac test site, research teams from the University of Manchester and University of Zagreb conducted a trial of experimental detection equipment on two complementary research projects.  The aims of the projects are to help counter the problems of discrimination of targets in uncooperative (highly mineralised) soils and to research more advanced electromagnetic detectors to the benefit of the international mine action community.

The trial is financed by the British charity Find a Better Way.