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05 Sep

From 28th to 30th August, HCR-CTRO conducted a trial of GCS-100 demining machine at Cerovac Test Site. The machine was produced by the Swiss company Global Clearance Solutions AG. The trial was conducted in line with the IMAS T&E Protocol for demining machines.

Performance tests were conducted in test lanes and vegetation clearance was tested as well as survivability, with antipersonnel mines. A report summary will be available soon on our web sites.

11 May

From 28th of April to 2nd of May, at HCR-CTRO test site Benkovac, a research team from the University of Manchester conducted a trial of experimental detection equipment. The aim of the project is to help counter the problems of discrimination of targets in uncooperative (highly mineralised) soils and to research more advanced electromagnetic detectors to the benefit of the international mine action community. The trial is financed by the British charity Find a Better Way.

The Benkovac test site is a world renown bench-mark facility. The test site was established in 2000 for the purpose of testing hand-held mine detection systems and those mounted on vehicles (https://www.ctro.hr/en/testing-and-certification/test-sites/test-site-benkovac)

27 Apr

The “Mine Action 2017” Symposium was held from 25th to 27th April in the Town of Biograd, under the high patronage of the Croatian Parliament Speaker, Mr. Božo Petrov.

The Symposium was organized by the Government Office for Mine Action, Croatian Mine Action Centre and Croatian Mine Action Centre - Centre for Testing, Development and Training. It was attended by 158 participants from 32 countries. The two partner countries shared their stories – representatives of the Republic of Colombia presented their experiences in solving the problems of IEDs, and the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Norway to Croatia, Ms Astrid Versto, informed the attendees about the ways in which Norway supports humanitarian mine action programmes around the world.

10 Mar

The 14th International Symposium „Mine Action 2017“ is to be held under the high patronage of the Croatian Parliament Speaker from 25th to 27th April 2017 in Biograd na Moru.

There will be two partner countries of the Symposium – the Republic of Colombia and the Kingdom of Norway. The aim is to connect one of the main mine action donors in the world, the Kingdom of Norway, a country with a landmine and IEDs problem, the Republic of Colombia, and a country with experience in solving the mentioned problems, the Republic of Croatia.

13 Dec

An EOD Level 3 training course was organized from 5th to 9th December in Zagreb by HCR-CTRO. Among the trainees were CROMAC staff members and employees of Croatian demining companies. They expressed their satisfaction with the training and praised the professors. All the trainees, both individually and as a team, showed very high level of knowledge at the final exam, as well as extraordinary team work. A certificate of completion of EOD Level 3 training will enable the trainees to find work on the international market.