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Meeting with the Ukrainian delegation

on 11 June 2015

From 3rd to 5th June, a Ukrainian delegation visited HCR-CTRO. The delegation consisted of representatives of various mine action bodies (Ministry of Internal Affairs, State Office for Crisis Management, Civilian Protection).On 3rd June the delegation, led by the Ukrainian Ambassador, H.: Oleksandr Levchenko, visited the Cerovac test site, where it was present during a testing of a demining machine. On 5th June, a meeting was held on the premises of HCR-CTRO. On behalf of the hosts, the following persons were at the meeting: Mr. Nikola Pavković, Mr. Miljenko Vahtarić from CROMAC, Ms. Jenny Oštarić Vunjak from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Mr. Hrvoje Debač from the Government Office for Mine Action.

Mr. Pavković presented the work of HCR-CTRO and the Ukrainian guests showed interest for R/D projects of HCR-CTRO (airborne survey) and especially for training courses organized by HCR-CTRO. It was concluded that the Ukrainian partners are interested in the Croatian experience in testing, development and training in the field of mine action.