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New airborne multisensor non-technical survey system tested an applied

on 18 May 2015

As part of the scientific FP7 TIRAMISU Project, HCR-CTRO has developed, tested and introduced into operational application a new airborne multisensor survey system from Bell-206 helicopter (picture 1). The system was developed by the following team: M. Bajić, T. Kičinbači, M. Krajnović, T. Ivelja, D. Vuletić. Prior to being set up at the helicopter, the system was tested at the vibrations laboratory of the Shipbuilding Institute. Picture 2 shows calibration of the inertial measurement device iMAR. Once mounted on a helicopter, the system was tested during a flight from the Zemunik airport. A sensor operator and a copilot – survey navigator supervise the survey on a movable map, Picture 3. The flight was done in cooperation with the Croatian Air Force. In April, the system was in operational use in Benkovac and Pađene.

In order to provide high quality of multisensor images, it is important to calibrate the reflection spectre of artificial and natural aims. Previously, this was done by the HCR-CTRO team, but from 2015 this service is provided by the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Geodesy from Split, Picture 4.

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Picture 1. C (yellow). A diffusor and fibre are visible on a skid mount.

Picture 2. Vibrations testing and calibration of the inertial measurement device.

Picture 3. Movable map for the operator and copilot – survey navigator.

Picture 4. Calibration of the reflection spectre of a light rough surface.