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Fourteen surveyors trained to use remotely piloted aircraft systems in mine action

on 10 March 2015


Modernization of general survey in mine action has started in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in Croatia. Fourteen surveyors, ten from BHMAC and its regional offices, two from CROMAC and two from NPA Bosnia have completed a specialist training on application of remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) in mine action (MA). The training was conducted 18-27 February 2015 in Vogosca, Bosnia and Herzegovina, as part of the project Mine Action after the Floods – Regional Synergy in Emergency Response, Technology Development and Capacity Building, funded by the Croatian Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs. The training was prepared and conducted by Milan Bajić, PhD (HCR-CTRO), practical training was conducted by Haris Balta, Ir. MSc, from the Royal Military Academy in Brussels.


Upon completion of the training, Mr Ahdin Orahovac, BHMAC Assistant Director and Milan Bajić, PhD, training manager, awarded certificates of completion to the trainees.


The training was conducted through a workshop in which the trainees were solving practical tasks in intensive interaction with other colleagues, after they had been taught basic elements of airborne survey in mine action. The trainees were given fundamental knowledge about the airborne survey of a mine suspected area, about electronic and optical sensors used, about images in visible wavelengths, the characteristics and analysis of long-wave infrared (thermal vision) images, about geocoding of images on a large scale digital orthophoto map (1:1000), about calculation of needed spatial resolution for requested probability of surveying the objects on the ground from realistic situations, about selecting the flight height, overlapping the images in the flight direction for a given flight speed and about a width of a subject area and resolution.