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Images acquired of 26 landslides and 130 km of minefields along the Sava river, from Orahova to Brčko

on 20 November 2014

The most demanding task of the project „Mine Action after the Floods - Regional Synergy, Technology Development and Capacity Building“ is acquisition of images of the current state of suspected hazardous areas which have been hit by floods, torrents and landslides. By 12th November 2014, images were taken from remotely piloted aircraft systems of 26 landslides, 2.37 km2 by Royal Military Academy from Brussels (RMA) and 2.5 km2 by Geoarheo d.o.o. from Zagreb. Image processing and development of orto-photo maps and digital area models have started.

Due to the fact that minefields along the Sava river are very long, as well as the areas where the floods have caused changes of the suspected hazardous area, and due to a very demanding relief of many landslides, the project has foreseen acquisition of images from the Gazela helicopter. After an agreement reached at the first helicopter squadron of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Armed forces, the project owner, HCR-CTRO, developed a system for acquiring of images. It was installed to the Gazela helicopter and successfully tested on 14th November 2014. A meeting was held in Mahovljani among all the stakeholders: first helicopter squadron of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina, HCR-CTRO, BH MAC and its regional offices in Banja Luka, Brčko and Tuzla.

Acquiring of images started on 17th November, from Orahova to Orašje and Brčko. By 19th November acquisition of images of 130 km of linear minefields on the bank of the Sava river and of areas around the estuary of Bosna river was conducted. Acquisition will continue in the area of responsibility of Tuzla regional office. A fuel tank is always nearby, so that a number of flights without acquisition of images is taken to the minimum.

Acquisition team: Milan Bajić, PhD (scientific coordinator of the project), representatives of BHMAC regional offices (Jugoslav Pavlović – Banja Luka, Filip Filipović – Brčko), pilots: Major Milorad Nježić, Captain Jovan Đajić, equipment operator Dejan Vuletić, mechanic Sergeant First Class Saša Šobot and Sergeant Major Kešelj Dalibor. The scientific coordinator of the project harmonizes initial requirements obtained on 30th July 2014 from BHMAC about the target areas with the changes that happened in the meantime.

Croatian Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs have provided funding for implementation of the project, for activities foreseen in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia, within the program of international development assistance and rehabilitation.