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Delegation of the Turkish Ministry of Defense visited HCR-CTRO d.o.o.

on 05 December 2014

During its five-day visit to Croatia, on 5th December, a delegation of the Turkish Ministry of Defense, visited HCR-CTRO. The delegation had talks with HCR-CTRO Director Nikola Pavković, CROMAC Director Dražen Jakopec and Director of the Cluster for Humanitarian Demining, Oto Jungwirth.

The guests were informed about HCR-CTRO activities and about the Cluster for Humanitarian Demining. They wanted to know if conformity certificates for demining equipment issued by HCR-CTRO are valid outside Croatia. Mr. Pavković answered that the certificates are valid throughout European Union and in the countries which have agreements with it, and certificates on completion of training courses are valid around the world.

Since the Law on Demining in Turkey is still being developed, and a mine action centre is to be established, the guests wanted to acquire as many information as possible about the organization of mine action in Croatia, in order to incorporate Croatian experience into their own center.