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13 Nov

From 5th to 13th November, HCR-CTRO conducted an EOD training course Level 2 for six trainees from CROMAC and demining companies.
Successful candidates were awarded Certificates of completion that are acknowledged worldwide. The trainees will proceed to the Level 3 Training Course from 3rd to 7th December, and upon completion will be able to seek employment on the international market.


22 Oct

From 15th to 18th October in the town of Grza, Serbia, HCR-CTRO conducted a training course for the staff of the Russian company EMERCOM DEMINING. The training was conducted on the topic of management in demining. This training course was a continuation of successful cooperation in the field of education between EMERCOM and HCR-CTRO, which began in 2013

23 Sep

On 19th September, HCR-CTRO welcomed a team of five researchers from the University of Manchester to the Benkovac test site.  The team are working on the second phase of a programme funded by the charity Find a Better Way.  The team has been testing a system consisting of an advanced multi-frequency metal detector, an integrated frequency domain ground penetrating radar and several options for cm level position sensing.   The current visit follows on previous visits over the past years.  The emphasis of this visit is to test real time discrimination / classification algorithms and collect data for further analysis. The testing will last until 25th September.

10 Sep

The MV-2 demining machine was created in "DOK-ING" d.o.o. - Zagreb. The machine is classified as a light machine with a flail as a woorking tool. The machine use caterpillars and has a system for remote control (no cabin).

HCR-CTRO d.o.o. tested the machine in the period from 20th to 27th August 2018 at the test site Cerovac. It was tested on three lanes (sand, gravel and topsoil) on vegetation clearance and on clearance of antipersonnel mines.


The MV-2 test plan and program was developed in line with the IMAS Test and Evaluation Protocol for machines 15044: 2009. Based on the test results, the MV-2 machine with a working tool flail can be used to perform mine action operations in accordance with the results obtained.

03 Jul

Team from Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb, had field trials at the test site Benkovac within research and development of metal detectors with the target characterization and soil compensation capabilities. The research is supported by the charity Find a Better Way from the Great Britain through projects PERUN and METASHAPE.