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Invited presentation on 3rd Counter Improvised Explosive Devices Technology Workshop

on 13 November 2017

The Counter Improvised Explosive Devices Centre Of Excellence has invited HCR-CTRO to present at the 3rd Counter IED Technology Workshop held in Madrid from 24th to 26th October 2017 (http://c-ied-techws-madrid.com/introduction/) on the testing of NR-900EK3M EAGLE, NR 2000 and NR12C detectors. The workshop was strictly focused on technologies in support of countering improvised explosive devices.

HCR CTRO has tested and certified a harmonic radar for detection of non-linear junctions (NL JD), NR-900EK3M and a monostatic radar for control line-wire detection, NR-12C. The testing was conducted at the Cerovac test site, Croatia, in May 2016. PhD Milan Bajić, Ret.LtC, member of the Scientific Council of HCR-CTRO presented the results of the testing and the model of electromagnetic waves propagation of NLJD, which explain non-monotonic pattern of the fields, and appearance of extremes.