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03 Jul

Team from Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb, had field trials at the test site Benkovac within research and development of metal detectors with the target characterization and soil compensation capabilities. The research is supported by the charity Find a Better Way from the Great Britain through projects PERUN and METASHAPE.

11 Jun

A delegation of CROMAC and HCR-CTRO, consisting of Đurđa Adlešič, president of the CROMAC Managing Board, Zdravko Modrušan, CROMAC Director and Tomislav Vondraček, test site manager in HCR-CTRO, visited the Republic of Colombia from 28th May to 2nd June. On 30th May they held a meeting with Senator Uribe Velez and representatives of DAICMA. The Colombian side expressed great interest in cooperation with the Republic of Croatia and its mine action stakeholders, especially in EOD 1-3+ training courses and in testing and certification of all the resources used in demining.

22 May

A team of research engineers from the University of Manchester used the Benkovac test site in May to measure the response of a range of test objects, including APMs and clutter, in different soil conditions. The aim of the testing was to study the potential of a dual mode multi-frequency metal detector and ground penetrating radar.  The research was funded by the charity Find a Better Way.